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Chocolate Globs
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Chocolate Globs



        1 oz chocolate baking square, unsweetened


        1/2 cup peanut butter (unsweetened - natural)


        2 Tbsp butter


        2 Tbsp cream cheese


        1/2 to 1 cup Splenda (your sweetness preference)


        2-3 Tbsp chopped nuts, or unsweetened coconut [ optional ]


Melt tog


ether first four ingredients over very low heat. Remove from heat and add


artificial sweetener and coconut or nuts, if desired. Drop as globs onto wax


paper and put into fridge where they will harden quite a bit but not as much as


a chocolate candy bar.

This is also wonderful as a chocolate sauce while still hot. Just spoon a small


amount over low carb ice cream. You can also let the globs harden and then


cut them up into tiny small pieces and use like chocolate chips as part of a



Carbs must be calculated according to your optional preferences used above.


Any combination should keep this low-carb for treat-sized amounts.


If you have copyright on the recipe please email me.